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Food & Cuisine

India offers the mouthwatering food and cuisine with a wide range of flavours, smells, spices, colourfull delicacies. The aroma of the India food waves from the North Indian non vegetarian food to the south Indian vegetarian recipes. The true food lover would relish every single Indian recipe of the whole country.

Staples & Specialties of Indian Food :

Spices :  

Black pepper is the premium quality of the world’s favorite spice which India provides to the world. Black pepper, turmeric, coriander seeds are the most widely used spices in Indian food and wet curries. The spices of Kerala which also includes green cardamom is regarded the world best. Saffron from Kasmir is world famous.

Rice :  

Rice is the most important staple in south india. It is used in different forms in South Indian couisine. Long grain white rice is most common in India. It is used in Biryani (Muslim Cuisine), Pulao (aromatic rice casserole or as lemon/ masala rice in South India. Basmati rice is the best quality rice in India.

Bread ( Roti ) :

Roti or chappati is common name for Bread in India. The process of making Roti does not use fermentation like most of the breads do in its making. It is made with fine whole wheat flour and cooked on a tawa (hot plate).

Wheat is basis in the north India what rice is in the south India.

The delicious things which are made out of Wheat are Poori, Kachori, Paratha , Naan etc.

The delicious things which are made out of Rice are Dosa, Idly, Uttappam etc.

Dhal : 
Dhal means a curry made out of pulses. There are approximately 50 different pulses available in India. The most common are Channa, tiny yellow are green ovals called moong dhal, masoor or red lentils, tuvar dhal or yellow lentils also called arhar, Rajma which are kidney beans, Kabuli chana or chickpeas, urad which is black gram or lentils and lobia or black eyed peas. 
The number of vegetarians in India more then the rest of the world combined together but India still has a good number of non vegetarians as well. Chicken, Fish, Goat, Lamb are widely liked and eaten. However, because of religious reasons beef and pork are less consumed. 

Regional Specialties 

North India Food
The North Indian or Punjabi food is worldwide relished. The basis of the most of the Punjabi recipes is a paste of Onions, garlic and ginger. Other things like tomatoes, cumin, chillies, garam masala, dried fenugreek leaves onion seed are also added in different rations depending upon the taste. 
The main meal of the day consist of hot tandoori chappatis or tandoori roti with dal and a vegetable dish such as favourite saag, aloo gobi etc. 

Rajasthani Food
The harsh, dry landscapes of Rajasthan have led to a hot, spicy cuisine, derived from scanty resources. Boosted with limited fresh vegetables, fruits Rajasthanis make the best of cereals, pulses, spices and milk products to produce a amazingly intricate cuisine. 
Dall Batti Churma is a staple food in Rajasthan. Battis are backed balls of whole wheat flour. In Rajasthan meats are cooked without water , using milk curd butter milk and plenty of Ghee.

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