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Traveling not only bridges the gap between different cultures, races and ways of life but also enables one to experience & understand life in a better way.

Hi Friends,

We aspire with the right intention to show you the real & diverse India, royal past of India, rich culture & tradition of India, colourful & innocent people, amazing wildlife of India, rustic villages of India.  
We are with you right from the beginning of your queries through the planning of your tour to India. When you will finally arrive in India and start exploring we will always remain in touch with you in your exploration. We make sure that you enjoy your experiences and take back the golden memories of India with you. 

I’m a Management graduate from reputed Indian Institute of Travel & Tourism run by Govt. of India. It was my keen interest in travelling that led me to join this institute after completing my graduation. Before finally launching my own travel company. I worked with reputed companies to learn and acquire knowledge and experience.

I started my company “Indian Excursion” in 2001 and very soon we also got the recognition from Ministry of tourism, Govt. of India and Indian Association of Tour Operators. However, our biggest recognition is the long list of our valued customers from all over the world who not only revisited again but also sent many guests travelers. They are our real brand ambassador. 

My wife Ruchi who is also an MBA looks after my business as well. For both of us our work is worship. We take personal care and attention right from the beginning of the enquiry. We share with our customers lots of the experience and knowledge while designing the trip of their choice. 

When our guests finally arrive they are filled with confidence and smile as they are equipped with all the details viz itinerary, hotel list with confirmations and their address, list of our associated offices at the various destinations to be visited with their contact address and phone numbers.

We believe a successful company is actually run by an efficient work force and a trained team. Therefore, over the years we have developed a very efficient team of associate offices, representatives, guides and drivers etc all over the country. . We value our client’s feedback to improvise our services.

Ever since we have started our company, we had been giving our best services to various women groups travelling to India and also to many single women travelers. They were all very happy with the professional and impeccable services that our team delivers. With our representatives, and drivers they always feel very safe and sound.

Our biggest achievement and reward in this regard came to us in the year 2011 when we got a contract from an International organization to organize and take care of their women group who are the active owner of NGO’s from USA. They work for a cause and focus on ending violence against girls and women in the U.S and all over the world.

The women group was very happy with the services that we and our team provided to them. They have made our company their official tour operator in India. They were so happy with me that they call me —   Vishal “our feminist brother.”

We strive for customer’s satisfaction and happiness. We love to connect our business with social and human values. We strive for the moment when our every single guest returns to their home happily after the completion of the trip and write back to us with their valuable feedback and become our friends for ever.

Vishal Bhasin
Indian Excursion

Head Office
Indian Excursion
S-4, 2nd Floor, Jain Towers, Russel Square,
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh – 482001 , India
Mobiles : 9425323214 (24 Hours),
WhatsApp : 9425323214 ( 24 X 7 )
Email : /
Websites : ; ; 

Recognized In-bound Tour Operator, by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Of India
Allied Member of Indian Association of Tour Operators

Payment through Credit Cards.

Allied Member of IATO (Indian Association
of Tour Operators)

Recognized In-Bound Tour Operator by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

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